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Yep, that’s me!

I am a full-stack web developer working with Python and Perl, at times using PHP for pragmatic reasons. I have a strong affiliation for web standards; responsive web design is a great thing. JavaScript’s purpose is to smoothen the user experience, yet a properly implemented web application also works without it.

I like lean systems with no frills (the notable exception being GNU Emacs), and I have a nonsensical weakness for CLI software. The terminal is my default working environment, the desktop a necessary evil for graphical browsers and image editing.







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Software and technologies used to produce and host this site:

I fiddled around with static site generators like crotal, nikola or mynt, and almost ended up writing my own. Then I stumbled upon Nicolas Perriault’s blog post Dead easy yet powerful static website generator with Flask, and as I am working with Flask since circa 2010, this was the logical choice for this site.

That said, this site is not statically hosted, as I intend to added a simple commenting system for blog posts eventually.

You can find the entire source code for this site on GitLab and GitHub.