Finding All Loggers in Python

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cheat-sheet articles are about code snippets that I need every once in a while, and which I constantly forget about.

logging.Logger.manager.loggerDict holds a dictionary of all loggers that have been requested.

>>> import logging
>>> logging.Logger.manager.loggerDict
>>> logging.getLogger('foo')
<logging.Logger object at 0x7f11d4d104d0>
>>> logging.getLogger('bar')
<logging.Logger object at 0x7f11d4cb7ad0>
>>> logging.Logger.manager.loggerDict
{'foo': <logging.Logger object at 0x7f11d4d104d0>,
'bar': <logging.Logger object at 0x7f11d4cb7ad0>}

Found at http://code.activestate.com/lists/python-list/621740/.