git push to Multiple Remotes

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If you happen to have two remotes for your git repository—e.g. one at GitHub and one on a private server—you might want to git push your changes to both remotes at once.

To achieve this, you can leverage Git’s ability to have multiple push URLs for a remote. Create a new remote, e.g. named all, and set both remotes’ URLs as push URLs:

git remote add all <remote_url1>
git remote set-url all --add --push <remote_url1>
git remote set-url all --add --push <remote_url2>

Pushing the master branch to both remotes is now as easy as running:

git push all master

Note: of course you could just set both remote URLs as push URLs for origin. However, by creating a new remote for this purpose, you can still push to any remote separately if you want.