Register an IRC Channel on freenode

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cheat-sheet articles are about code snippets that I need every once in a while, and which I constantly forget about.

First, register your nickname if you haven’t done so yet:

/msg NickServ REGISTER my_password my.email.address@example.com

Login (“identify”) with NickServ:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY my_nick my_password

Next, register your channel:

/msg ChanServ REGISTER #my-channel

Change the channel’s topic:

/msg ChanServ TOPIC #my-channel my_topic

If the channel is not very frequented, you might want to set the KEEPTOPIC flag. Otherwise, you have to re-set the topic every time:

/msg ChanServ SET #my-channel KEEPTOPIC ON

Hide information about the channel from other users:

/msg ChanServ SET #my-channel PRIVATE ON

Restrict the channel to user’s who are on the channel’s access list:

/msg ChanServ SET #my-channel RESTRICTED ON

Add and remove users to the access list—only registered user accounts are allowed:

/msg ChanServ ACCESS #my-channel ADD other_user
/msg ChanServ ACCESS #my-channel DEL bugging_user

Display access list:

/msg ChanServ ACCESS #my-channel LIST